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Our History

Club Officials The Coachella Valley Boxing Club was founded by Lee Espinoza at the Boys & Girls Club in order for his son to pursue the sport of boxing. At that time, Lalo Gutierrez owned the Boxing Club name but he retired soon after, and Lee became the owner of the original club for the next five years.

Then, due to lack of available space at the Boys & Girls Club, Lee relocated the club next to Coachella City Hall in the old fire station. Despite confined quarters and little financial support, the program flourished. Lee’s guidance and overall commitment to community is demonstrated by these youth who continue to succeed in business, in the neighborhood, and in the boxing ring.

Our Mission

Cooperating with agencies and districts in the Valley.

Working in consort with other established youth organizations.

Providing an environment that is beneficial to the growth and development of our future leaders.

Providing a variety of recreational & character building activities available for everyone.

Accepting all youths who express an interest in the various forms of recreational activities.

Actively recruiting all youths who are not involved in any form of organized recreational activity.

Providing competent supervision of all youth activities.

Requiring that all participants comply with all rules.

Utilizing the experience expertise existing programs to benefit all activities.

Our Director


Mr. Lee Espinoza is known throughout the international boxing community as a trainer of champions.

His consistent training and support has changed the lives of hundreds of young people in the Coachella Valley.

Club Officials


Kevin Kylis

Vice President

Francine Solis


June Espinoza

Legal Advisor

Anthony C. Caronna


Luis Espinoza

Board of Directors

Candy Kylis

Martin Solis

Sean Runnels

Club Members